Vision to Reality

Years of experience in executing products and packaging allows QRS to guide you through development, bringing your creative vision to reality.


Service,  Service,  Service

The QRS mantra. With vast experience on the development and buying side, the QRS team understands the challenges our partners face. No email or phone call will go unanswered. QRS treats all customers as equally important, regardless of size.


Your Needs are Ours

QRS tailors its service to your needs. Recognizing that each customer presents its own challenge, projects are time-lined and tasks shared. We hold your hand through the process. Our goal is yours: quality execution on time. 


Upon our first meeting with QRS, I knew we wanted to work with them.  I specifically remember them saying “We'll work with you hand in hand” (no pun intended!). And they have done just that!  Their attentiveness to our every need, question, or concern has been tremendous.  Communication is always prompt whether it be an email or a quick text message at any hour of the day; and I love the fact that teamwork is so strongly integrated with their team and ours.  We truly would not be where we are without the support and tenacity of Jen and QRS.

/  Holly LaPorte - HAND IN HAND /